Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am a dork!

I totally accept this and think it is a quirky fun trait of mine. Somethings that make me a dork. (now this is subjective and might not make you a dork.. I am only speaking of myself)

1) I love graphic novels and collected before children (funny how diapers are more important then what happened with the latest Witchblade epidsode) I use to have big dreams of writing my own novellas. One was very fun and included this crime fighting dominatrix. I know I could have made it work but I lack passion (so a long story I am sure I will muse about at some point)

2) I love 80's music and sci fi. This is due to my best friend in the world who took me as a spoiled princess into rap music and romance novels and turned me into the better person who can quote Firefly and still mourns the death of the dresden files on tv!

3) I am intelligent but at the same time a huge flake! I am notorious for double booking plans, struggle to make sure I am on time for things (took me years to realize this is rather selfish as if the other person's time is less valuable then mine!) and often do not understand conversations and get confused easily. (this actually comes in handy when you want to act like you don't get anything... like when you think some hot guy is hitting on you ... because you want him too... but you are not totally sure he is and don't want to make an ass of yourself... I digress)

4) I like to use big words even to my three year old who has no idea what I am saying.

5) I want to be famous but sadly know it won't be for something worth being famous for.

6) I am facsinated with serial killers and how they tick

7) I have all these awesome ideas in my head but live in fear of success so I just drudge alone.

8) I obviously like to use these ( ) and .... too much in posts.

9) I went to college to be a social worker but I hate people. I like individuals but hate people. If that makes any sense. Really I want to be a social worker so I can get a masters in psychology so I can help rich people solve their problems. Sorry but I love money. I do make myself volunteer and help because I have this constant inner struggle where my family raised me to be a uber nice midwestern girl but really I think I should be a cynical new yorker. I often hate I can't be really mean to anyone. I am so nice it is annoying!

10) Lastly (though I am sure there are way more out there but really I am a person who needs perameters and contained) I am a half cup full girl who is always fighting with my half empty evil twin that resides in me. (So kinda bi-polar but without the need to be super manic... really I am just to lazy for that :D )

So the point of this blog is to give me a place to do my musings. I have been following blogs for awhile now and have one for my crafty stuff but I feel the need to do one that is mainly talk about my silly thoughts and observations. And the dorky stuff I do that I think is funny. Plus I always have dreams of having like 100 followers. (cross fingers lol)

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